Supervised AI Learning Module
JacksonSmith2 (14)


  • Two Supervised Learning AI
  • Customizable names
  • QuickMath Learning
  • AI Co-Training
  • Starting Brain

How to Train the AI Individually by Talking to Them:

  • First, open with a conversation starter! (Hello, Good day, etc.)
  • Secondly you will go into a loop. Send a message, and they will reply.
    • If it's a new message or concept, it will reply with, ???, and repeat the phrase back to you. Whatever you say in response to that it will learn from. It will learn that when you send message X, respond with message X[Y]
  • Next, the AI will send you a message. Whatever you respond with is what the AI will learn off of. It will save your response as a list of possible responses to that scenario.

How to use QuickMath:

  • First, select the QuickMath learning module (4).
  • Next, enter the number you want to add up to.
  • Finally, wait as AI 1 learns every possible combination from 0+0 to n+n, and their answers!

How to use AI Co-Training:

When you select the AI Co-Training learning module (3), you're done! The AI will have a conversation together passing knowledge back and forth, constantly learning off of each other!

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