New Pizzabox Language!
ChezCoder (1604)

Want to learn a new coding language but every language in the world suddenly seems so hard? Never fear! Pizzabox is umm uhh nvm. But still, Check out the coding language I have worked DAYS on!! And also upvote if u like it cuz this was a lot of work and upvote will make me smile.

==Update Log==

Update 0.1 - Added Language Files
Update 0.2 - Added More Functions
Update 0.3 - Added More Operators
Update 0.4 - Started Making Python - Pizzabox Console
Update 0.5 - Finished run Command
Update 0.6 - Added File Counter
Update 0.7 - Started Making Pizzabox - Python Processor
Update 0.8 - Finished Language Processing
Update 0.9 - Started Language Runner
Update 1.0 - Finished Language Runner -DATE OF RELEASE-
Update 1.1- Started runCode Command

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ChezCoder (1604)

@theangryepicbanana Alright! I'll try to introduce it into my code. Thanks!