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the humble story of a teapot... sequel!
thenullified (167)


im so close to 100 cycles, i am rushing the [email protected]#$ out of the sequel now.
it is not fully complete, but all i really need is beta testers

ppl who have helped me so far:


they will all be included in some extent in the game
if you are interested in a closed beta of the full game, pls enter in the comments!
thanks you all and see you again at my 100th cycle special!

coderash (286)

I will happily test! I'm also wondering if you would like a download website, web design/dev is my niche.

thenullified (167)

my game is a bit too far for that, but ill happily coop with you for a next project :):):):) @coderash

Bookie0 (6263)

Thanks for mentioning me! =)

noway15 (97)

wait wut this has nothing to do with the thing it's named after