🎉 3,000 Cycles: PYER.ME 🎉
PYer (4013)

Hello everybody! I've recently hit 3,000 cycles! Hooray! Thanks to everyone in the repl.it community! In the past three years, I've been coding a lot on this webiste, and it's probably my most commonly used site (other than google products). I'd like to thank the following people, for the all the upvotes: @bonnym512, @Pythonier, @Atari7, @gantr833, @DUN0040, @mkhoi, @Vandesm14, @amaanrehman14, and @FunnyLamma. Thanks for all the support everybody! This is my first "Cycle Special/Milestone", and now, I'm proud to introduce pyer.me. I've realized that most major developers on repl.it have personal websites, so here comes mine: http://www.pyer.me. This is going to be a personal website, and it currently contains some of my tutorials and projects. I'm going to continue adding some major updates to this soon. Specifically for the development of this project, I'd like to thank @Coder100 for all the help and feedback. If you have any suggestions, please comment! Thank you, and have a nice day!

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