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[ game ] Antispam

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It was a good evening for

as he just got back from piano lessons... and then he checked his email :(

953 emails from! What is going on? Here's what is going on, he was being targeted at the start of the first wave of repl talk superspam, something, with the help of AA, has been finally suppressed :)


This game is just a satisfaction game to shoot down those spammers, is not going to let spammers rule it!

How to play

Click to shoot, I hope you enjoy the barrel animation ;)


The code is created with webpack and p5, although the p5 is probably a bad idea :(
It was originally done on but it crashed so I had to use vscode.


wow did not expect my brain to be so huge, the repl was private, thanks a lot hacker >:(



Apparantly people don't realize leaderboards are a thing. What are you waiting for? Deploy the screenshots!


I hope you enjoy :)

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thanks :)