CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.

ok just saying, the attached repl is just empty

We're all stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. We all are relying on screens, Netflix, and Disney+. Well, I REGISTERED a company (to the U.S and all) and managed to ask Netflix to buy it (for $100). So now, CoronaShare is a sub-company of Netflix. To the point of how it works, it's free, and you can watch everything normally on Netflix, as well as post videos as if it was youtube. All the legal stuff was my parents, so I'm not going to get into that.

PLEASE PLEASE open in a new window/tab and make it fullscreen because I did bad styling (I whipped up the start page in 3 minutes bc I spent most of the time on the actual platform)

Heres the link:
Have fun

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thanks. I just randomly put a name for the python thing I actually used NodeJS for the actual project. @MrHackman