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terminal video viewer
generationXcode (516)

The is a program that lets you play a video on the terminal. Wow! yes cool. SO COOL! I made it so that you can use any video on this and boom you have a video playing on your terminal with text. It is slightly slow. I highly recommend forking and expanding the screen as much as possible to view the video nicely. If that is not possible, type Y at the start. Enjoy the video player! press run to see how EPIC it is

update - increased the FPS and allowed people to compute and add all the frames to a file with a .gre (graphegg) extension. Have fun! The program takes a long time to calculate all the frames before letting you view it. If you miss the chance to view it, you can always open up the GRE file and see the animation by running and putting in the appropriate input. Also use your own videos and convert them to GRE for viewing. You dont need any time for the video to be converted with gre format. Feel free to ask any questions.

proryan (75)

I like it but the fps is way too slow...

TheGM1 (4)

computing frame is still going slow. It taking ages for 30 computes.

generationXcode (516)

@TheGM1 by allowing it to compute as many frames as possible, you are doing a service to the community. If you are impatient, just run the file format I made up. It is real fast.

Brendan23 (166)

the fps is like 0.5 why so slow?

Brendan23 (166)

@generationXcode oh. so basically, you compute the frames before the video instead of during the video right?

generationXcode (516)

@Brendan23 exactly. If you arent patient tho, you can just play the video from the .gre file. Much faster

Brendan23 (166)

@generationXcode maybe add an option to do the whole video instead of just asking the frames.

generationXcode (516)

@Brendan23 yeah. I thought about that, too many questions? I'll do it anyways.

BananaJellyfish (210)

Everywhere i go, i never manage to avoid getting rickrolled

piphi (5)

Is there any way to change the fps to make it go faster?

generationXcode (516)

@piphi Maybe if you take the code and put it in pypy. Other than that... I don't know. If you see any issues, feel free to point them out.

generationXcode (516)

@piphi changed it. Takes longer to compute at first but video runs smoothly

noway15 (97)

OMG is that RICK ASTLEY??? @generationXcode

generationXcode (516)

@noway15 yeah, but you can play any video on it just fork the repl, delete the current mp4 video and upload your own video and rename it to "hello.mp4"