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A 'OS' in python. Can't run on real hardware, but is still cool.

The default credentials are:
Cinco (Username)
Coyote (Password)

I recommend forking this so I can't access your data if you make an account.

Use help to get commands. Use man [command] to get more info.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
My favorite part are the *.ledger files.

This is the extension -reincarnation- of Salmon-dev-chronos

UPDATE: I just added an editor. Call it using jedi, with the filename as the first argument.

Use a to append at the current pos. When appending, press ` to exit.

Use w to write to disk.

Use p to print the current line.

Use l to show the whole file,

Use d to delete the current line.

Use q to quit.

Enter any int to goto that line.

An example session:


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@sylashur Nope. I almost typed the correct password in, and remembered that I had to enter a bad password.