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⚽Soccer Sim: Ultimate Edition⚽
FloCal35 (490)
@FloCal35 and @kmurp62rulz bring to you...

Soccer Sim: Ultimate Edition!

The Ultimate Fifa Season Career Simulator

Take your favorite team through a season and face off against other champions.

Credits can be found after the completion of the game

Future updates

  • Custom teams/leagues
  • User requests???


  • Attack - Score more goals
  • Defense - Stop the opposite team scoring
  • Luck - Get better results in VAR decisions
  • Speed - Better performance in the first half
  • Stamina - Better performance in the second half


Jan 22: Added credits
Jan 22: Release of Soccer Sim: Ultimate Edition
Jan 21: Added MLS and the Staff to leagues and other major changes
Jan 20: Start of Soccer Sim: Ultimate Edition
Jan 9: @kmurp62rulz releases new version of soccer sim
Jan 1: Soccer Sim 2.0 released
Dec 24: Original released and Soccer Sim 1.0 released

FloCal35 (490)

Ok @Pizzaz4me, there's your requested update. It now has Ligue 1 and Serie A teams

And a few 'minor' updates ;)