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❄️🌟New Years Animation! 🌟❄️
JBloves27 (1905)
A quick animation project for the New Years

Also a submission for CC's Jam

The New Years Animator!


This was originally for CC's Jam, but it kind of came out to be a normal project as well. I mean, its still a submission, but a project as well.

Note: This isn't classified as low-effort(in my opinion), nor high-effort. I only posted it for fun. So please, it would be appreciated if you didn't say anything biased about it, thanks!

Few cool things in the program:

  1. Cool Fireworks
  2. Cool snow
  3. Cool submitting ideas

    if i dont say so ^ XD

Quick Closing

I didn't have much to write here, except a few things about it and so and so. If you have any suggestions, please comment! As well as if you liked, give it an updoot!

Thanks! I appreciate it!


^ self ping <-- hahahahaha

Edit: So I tried using db for the submit, but that did not work. So I tried pickle and it kinda worked. There is a limit to one idea. I will fix this error later on, I am just letting you guys know.

Whippingdot (681)


JBloves27 (1905)


LingWu1 (94)

This is really nice @JBYT27!

LingWu1 (94)

You should probably add a few more animations for fun :D @JBYT27

JBloves27 (1905)

yeah... do you have any ideas? @LingWu1

LingWu1 (94)

Yea @JBYT27
Kids Making Snowmen
Might be a bit hard :D

JBloves27 (1905)

... i luv it! thanks! :D XD @LingWu1

LingWu1 (94)

np @JBYT27
I actually am trying to do it myself after forking ur repl. Sweating* Dealing with the 27th error I had to fix

hihihiho1vlacho (3)

very cool and thoughtful. I like that you can submit your idea, cool feature. I also like that you can select what you want to see. Well done

JacobMcPherson1 (239)

@JBYT27 I submitted an idea. I think its super duper awesome and cool and POG so I would like you to make/add it, if thats ok

JBloves27 (1905)

Could you re-submit? I added something and the other list didn't work. Thanks! @JacobMcPherson1

JacobMcPherson1 (239)

@JBYT27 just to specify but is this an animation idea you want or just any idea?

JBloves27 (1905)

er, im sry, but i have this db error. Ill let you know when you can use it again sry again @JacobMcPherson1

JBloves27 (1905)

er, havent thought about that, but any is ok @JacobMcPherson1

CodingEpic (20)

The frames go too fast

JBloves27 (1905)

oki, ill change it to a slower speed @EpicCoding1

CodingEpic (20)

@JBloves27 Thanks, btw I love your work!

IOP3 (847)

This is cool but can you see the idea I submitted? First time I submitted "d" and the second I submitted "POG"

JBloves27 (1905)

Hum, let me see! Thanks! @IcingHackz

Gh0stHack3r (63)

Hey, How about making a Snowman?? I think It would be good...

IntellectualGuy (854)

It shows an error, I can't view it @JBYT27