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snake on terminal 🐍💻
ykdojo (289)

I made a snake game with Python that you can play on terminal - inspired by @LorenzoCampos.

The main differences are:

  • Every time you eat an apple, you move faster.
  • I implemented it with a single thread, using the blessed library.
  • I decided to use blessed instead of curses because of its better unicode support.
SilvermoonCat (435)

great! just gets TOO fast for my preference

ykdojo (289)

@SilvermoonCat How about now? I made it a bit slower

Coder100 (18144)

I am yet to see a snake game made in curses

ykdojo (289)

@Coder100 I actually tried making it, and it's basically pretty similar to this code. I decided not to post it cause it doesn't look quite as good with just ascii.

ykdojo (289)

@Coder100 haha you should make it!

ChaosEmerald (4)

What do you mean? Bad words? @Coder100