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snake game for game jam
usmanmohammed (4)

I made "the snake game" game for the game jam.

CookieSnowOwl (41)

weird is there no module named win32api

minion3665 (9)

this is a submission before the game jam started... you might want to get planning for a game won't disqualify

usmanmohammed (4)

@minion3665 so like can you send me instructions on what i have to do? Oh yeah and do i have to go anywhere for this?

minion3665 (9)

@usmanmohammed Hi. The game jam is not open until like 6 days from now. You could see that if you looked at the timer at the top of the page here. I would suggest planning for what you want to make. When the game jam starts then create a new repl and get your game written. As the staff can see all history for any repls I wouldn't even try to create one before the competition starts let alone actually post it on here.


By the way I'm not staff. If you want help from me I will give it to you but for 100% best answers go to them. As they make the rules around here I imagine they can answer all your questions.