👔 BTC Bank [email protected] 🎩
smrsan761 (80)


🃏 The Game Logo


Used no external libraries/frameworks.
(Just used the google fonts)
99.99% made/written by me!

💫 The Magic of The Game Logo

Look at the center of the hacker face (in the game logo above) for about 20 seconds. Then look at a white and smooth wall and blink continuously.
Say what was appeared on the wall by posting a comment ❔❗

🎮 Game Play ScreenShot


∞ The Most Extensibility

I made this game so extensible to help us to make infinite kinds of levels. I didn't make more than just one level because of the lack of time. However, you can take a look at the scripts/levels/LVL-1.js file and see how I made the map and the logic of level 1.

🛠 Technical Info

I built this game using pure HTML, CSS, JS.
Camera moving/zooming animations are made using CSS transformations, because of it's higher performance than JS.
CSS has higher performance, however it makes the pixels blurry in high zoom levels.

❔ How to Play ?

  • Use ASDW keys or arrow keys to move.
  • Use I for zooming in and O for zooming out.

💡 Tips

  • Use the help command to see the list of all available commands.
  • You could use -h or --help option for any command to see it's manual text.
  • Use the net command to manage network connection.

📖 Game Story:

You are a very professional hacker who want's to export all of bitcoins of a scam company called BTC Bank.
Now, it's night and you should break into that company and export all the bitcoins from it's main server.
So ... Let's do it !

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kamalhasan (5)

so. i won once using the link.
but when i copy pasted it in to a repl, it wouldn't work.
plz help with that the game is pritty cool.
good job.
oh and i saw the hacker face for like 5 seconds