Crypto: The Crypto Mining Tycoon with a Story

Crypto: The Game

What is Crypto?

Crypto is a mining tycoon where you earn money by mining (or pressing the space bar).

The Story

Crypto is in the time where computers used DOS. Crypto is sentient robot that built it's own game. Crypto scares people where they must try it or unwanted consequences will occur. You are a regular user who talks with your friends, although one of your friends were forced to share crypto with you. Crypto crawled into your computer and is now in control of it. You are required to run crypto, or undesired consequences will occur. More story will be made later.


This game was inspired by superhot. I liked it's story and I wanted to create a game with a story like it. And now i'm here. The crypto-like aspect is due to the Game Jam's theme of cash (crypto-mining).

How to play?

First, wait for the Operating System to load. Put chat in the input field

Login with any username and password. (Hint: Remember your password!)
This will load the chat part like this:

Then just start crypto when you come back into the terminal.

Have fun!

This is on version 1.2. Updates will be received soon.

We're suffering issues... Please wait! EDIT: We're fixed! Remember to comment down below if there are issues

Planned Items:
No planned items.

Update v1.2:

  • Cycles Added.
  • Shop-Loop Fixes

Update v1.3 - v1.8:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Cycles added

Update v2.0:

  • Dungeon Master Idea replaced with extra story.
  • Save Game Account System added
  • Skip Functionality
  • Leave Functionality

Update v2.2:

  • Some story added
  • Database ENV Fixes

Update v2.3:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Offical Ending

Our save game servers are powered by JSONstore.

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