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repldm - release! direct messaging in replit (browser extension)
MarcusWeinberger (786)

repldm - bringing direct messaging to replit

This project was made by the @dupl team - @rafrafraf and @MarcusWeinberger (me)

Link to webstore

What is repldm?

ReplDM is a chrome extension that modifies replit in order to add direct messaging capabilities. Message any user on replit!

Need help getting set up? Follow the tutorial here - and sorry about the bugs

To install unpublished updates and stay cutting edge, follow this guide to install the developer release - you'll need to download the zip file from here (source).

GitHub repo - For issues and more

Additional thanks goes to @firefish, @19wintersp, and @ch1ck3n for contributing to the project!

Coming soon

  • privacy features
    • block users
    • mute conversations
    • toggle markdown rendering

Users that asked to be pinged:

Edit: due to the chrome store requiring each update to be reviewed before publishing, big fixes may take a day or so.

Bookie0 (6258)

Oh hey ! that's me lol!

SudhanshuMishra (249)

@Bookie0 I've added the extension and I can also see the message button but nothing happens when i click it ...

RayhanADev (2513)

Dude, you and @rafrafraf are just the best developing duo ever
I can't wait to try this out (or until iPad's get chrome extensions xD)

SilvermoonCat (436)

woooohoooo it's out!!


I use safari though, so

SilvermoonCat (436)

@RayhanADev :*(
Yup safari = no chrome extensions, no REpl auth

NehalRam (17)

@SilvermoonCat yes I am also a safari user:(

Wilke000 (636)


GenSci001 (7)

Yeah, the way google works, It's beyond comprehensible.... @OldWizard209

OldWizard209 (1499)

yes, none of our brains are capable of understanding it's power @GenSci001

DonoldJTrump (9)

@MarcusWeinberger can you release the raw .crx file (my school blocked installing extensions directly, i know how to do it with the crx file)

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@DonoldJTrump hey! Here you go, I uploaded the current release to Google Drive, but installing it this way will make it hard to update. I'd recommend cloning the GitHub repository and loading the unpacked extension. Anyways, here's the crx:

arivvid27 (27)

Hey, I got a suggestion for the pop-up, you should make it so you can chat with replit users while you are on a different page, so you'd just press the extension, and you will be able to chat on another page.

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@arivvid27 That's a good idea! We're working on a standalone client so once that's done we can integrate it and build your suggestion :)

NotMrMan (119)

Next up: creating a chrome extension that makes an entirely new browser and is better than chrome

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@NotMrMan I mean... in theory you could either just put a static page styled to look like a browser with javascript to make it act like one.

On the other hand, I wonder if you can build a browser into a standalone WebAssembly thing (idk much about wasm yet) and run it in the browser. You can already run python in WebAssembly (google pyodide), but it doesn't have native support for virtual displays. If someone were to write a library that emulates a gui library but for pyodide... I might try that ngl

JudeAustin1 (5)


MarcusWeinberger (786)

@JudeAustin1 we will get around to that eventually, still trying to figure out what it should be used for

ch1ck3n (2035)

@JudeAustin1 it should just be the dm thing

arivvid27 (27)

Umm... why is mine taking ages to startup?

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@arivvid27 sorry, that's a bug - it just stays loading because you have no messages

arivvid27 (27)

ah, ok. can u pls send me a message? pls? on the DM?

CodeSeekerI (7)

@MarcusWeinberger Please send me a message as well cause I am not able to view other users because of the loading.

IntellectualGuy (822)

Do you view the user's browsing history?

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@IntellectualGuy nope, and it's open source, so you can check if you don't trust me

IntellectualGuy (822)

@MarcusWeinberger Hey I found a bug, so when I just browse through, it doesn't let me scroll through the page(sometimes).

bennyrobert (47)

I think the button should be underneath home at the very least.

bennyrobert (47)

Why does this need to read my search history?

bennyrobert (47)

But I assume you can't DM users without the extension..?

ch1ck3n (2035)

super poggers

you had my dm open :D

EnderMarkoth (8)

he;lpppp it wont let me conceccttttt

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@EnderMarkoth are you getting any error messages?

RayhanADev (2513)

Hey @MarcusWeinberger , I'm interested in making an extension for Replit. I was wondering, do you happen to know any good tutorials? (of the many things I've done, developing extensions is not one).

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@RayhanADev i don't know any in particular, rafi and i worked on this by looking at various tutorials and a lot of google searching. i skimmed this tutorial and it seemed to be a little useful but a great resource is the chrome developers docs

7ih (34)

seems very cool, but when I tried it, it said "authToken is not defined"

GalaxyWolfX (77)

Wait, it says " refused to connect"
I wanna see the product though!

CodeSeekerI (7)

I downloaded the zip file and added the extension, but the 'ReplDM' option is not showing up on replit.

MarcusWeinberger (786)

@CodeSeekerI you might have installed the version that broke it, I made a mistake and published to the chrome webstore when the extension wasn't working, try installing from zip now

JoshuaPohl (0)

"privacy features" Those aren't privacy features

CallMeKFC (0)

My school blocked added this extension, but yet they didn't block Makes sense!

CallMeKFC (0)

@Infiniti20 I know, they only whitelisted like Grammarly and their Chromebook spying software, Securly.

StringentDev (223)


NotMrMan (119)

@StringentDev edge can use chrome extensions (if you have the chromium version)

StringentDev (223)

@NotMrMan i mean like on the ms edge extension store.

Baconman321 (1097)


File not found.

It also loads but I don't see any direct messages (other people sent messages to me before). Maybe it's because I re-installed it?

Oh, wait... I just had to send a message then they appeared. Cool!

maxina (59)

hmm not letting me click on the replDM button