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random insult generator

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WARNING: This can hurt your feelings.
Just kidding they are not even that offensive.
I would add more words but I don't feel like it. And there could be a small chance where it generates chicken or animal eater. That's the only normal one. Unless your a vegetarian. And also some of them may make no sense at all.

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Line 11 is redundant~
Just check that Choice != 'y'
Better yet, declare Choice as 'y' outside the while loop, and loop for as long as Choice is 'y'.

Even more better, set a limit to the amount of self-deprecation one can put themselves though. Put the code in a function and call the function every time Choice == 'y'. At some point, you'll hit a stack overflow, forcing the termination of the cycle and potentially saving the self esteem of a poor soul. If you want to be extra sure just in case they're a masochist, add a failsafe that deletes all relevant program files upon abnormal termination.