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quotes of infinity
TheGameCreator (14)

running the program runs a random set of quotes for the rest of eternity

comment down one of your own quotes to get the quote running in the program...

...for the rest of the universe


This man speaks words of great wisdom

RhinoRunner (866)

There are only 2 quotes

TheGameCreator (14)

@RhinoRunner yes, but you can share a quote you want added to the program

RhinoRunner (866)

if spongebob could code he would use python - RhinoRunner

JacobMcPherson1 (237)

It's just the same 2 quotes

TheGameCreator (14)

@JacobMcPherson1 but didn’t I say you can say your own quotes

listen to the text lol

JacobMcPherson1 (237)

@TheGameCreator just made a crappy website, feeling good

  • JacobMcPherson1
GeumjuKim (19)

#PythonFTW - Anonymous bad coder guy