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python blessings: space invaders!
SeamusDonahue (439)

welcome to space invaders!

I built this using a lib called blessings, it is similar to curses in function but way easier to use. you can remember it like this: curses cause me to curse, the existence of blesses is a blessing.

jokes aside let's get to the game!
d: move right
a: move left
space: shoot

don't get shot by the aliens and take them out before they reach where your cover is or you lose.
cover has 4 hp indicated by its character and its color.
blue - 4, green - 3, orange(yellow) - 2, red - 1

happy alien shooting!
note: this was made for the default console in the code page for the repl, not tested on other console dimensions. expand the console upward and it should work!

SeamusDonahue (439)

upvote it and maybe i'll make more ;) glad you like [email protected]