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pygaw - Python Github API Wrapper
marsbar (13)

I am currently developing a Python API Wrapper for the Github API!

SO FAR, it can only get information about Repos, but I plan for it to fully support all the features of the Github API in the future!

You can learn from the examples below and feel free to add to it! If you add to it, please leave a comment and so I can add your additions to pygaw!

If you get a KeyError, possible reasons are:

  • Rate Limiting on the API (Authenticate your app!)
  • 403 or 404 Errors

I will add support for adding Authentication headers in the future!

Once I have pygaw more developed, I will publish it to PyPi so people can install it instead of putting pygaw's file in their project directory!

jean3 (1)

How about calling requests.get(url = URL) once for each endpoint and storing the result on the class?

marsbar (13)

@William3 Some people may want to make stuff like live watchers count (for some reason) so I would probably have to add something like repo.reload() to send the GET request again