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pygame: tanks!
SeamusDonahue (457)

this is based on a game called ShellShock Live

you are trying to arc your bullets into the other player and destroy their cover.


a and d to move - you can only move a short distance
w and s to change shot power
space to shoot

these controlls go for both players.


there are three bars above the player:

  • the red bar is health
  • the yellow is power
  • and the green is movement

there is a red dot after you shoot the first time that shows you where you last shot.

the number in the top left is the current fps


the terrain in this game is comepletely destructable, fire away!
hit the die in the corner to reset and randomize the terrain!

the bg terrain is randomized once and stays until the next launch of the program.

win condition

tanks have 3 hp, a direct hit does 1 hp.
splash damage does a little under 0.6 max.

happy shooting!

Brendan23 (166)

@SeamusDonahue maybe you can make a dot for each person so the can actually calculate their shot.

Brendan23 (166)

@SeamusDonahue you know how there is a red dot that (I think) shows the players last shot. since it's in turns the player cannot use that dot to calculate his/or shot.

SeamusDonahue (457)

it shows up on your turn... thats really all you need @Brendan23