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theohalpern (27)

It's like but you build in 3d instead of drawing.

The is the beta server and the production server is hosted at here is a link to the buildonary discord server

I would love any suggestions you have.
The backend is node.js express and it comunitates with the front end using

touchscreen support offical

To Do

and trackpad mode

add end game screen with podium

add custom word list support

EpicGamer007 (1678)

Amazing! Cant believe i hadn't found this earlier.

Dunce (58)

Very cool! But I did find a bug, were you can stack a diagonal line of blocks that reaches outside of the zone you're supposed to build in.

theohalpern (27)

While this could be seen as a problem I don't think it negatively affects the gameplay experience. What I'm trying to say is that is not a bug, it's a feature. @Dunce

SudhanshuMishra (235)

This is like so much





cool :)

CatR3kd (549)

dang that's pretty cool

indigiz (5)

Beware, it uses google analytics!

Whippingdot (604)

Wait a sec I have a feeling isn't yours... If it is someone reply

theohalpern (27)

it is mine, what do you mean? @Whippingdot

theohalpern (27)

this is my github with 30 commits:
and this is my prototype site with out player code

Whippingdot (604)

Ok, I was saying that cause my filter was filtering it meaning I thought it was famous...must be the .live that is getting filtered. Sorry! @theohalpern

tussiez (1561)

@Whippingdot This is from It is a copy of the examples

theohalpern (27)

@tussiez Yep, I give it credit on the home page at the botton (it says "Voxel painter built off of three.js interactive voxelpainter" and has a link) and the code from is under the MIT license meaning it is free to use for almost any purpose. But the name and the URL are definitely mine.