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Coder100 (17420)


Recently, I have been hard a work on a very, very cool thing -- an IDE!

How to use


I had a lot of fun with the filling in replit used to have. What a shame they removed it because it's the best!


Did I accidentally use react again? Poggers


I wanted to make my own replit just so I can make internals that nobody else can use. I have now rediscovered 'crosis' and 'goval', but not yet graphQL.

The name of this was inspired by docker, which uses extensively for an isolated, yet powerful environment.


Fun fact: Replit not, in fact, is available! Try it!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

MarcusWeinberger (777)

lol i crashed the language server with a fork bomb :(){ :|:&};:

Coder100 (17420)

wait what i thought it would at least be invincible to that rip @MarcusWeinberger

programmeruser (580)

Imagine not not sandboxing code

cd .. 
killall node
echo "require('http').createServer((req,res)=>res.writeHead(302,{'Location':''})&&res.end()).listen(8080);" | node

By the way try going to

Th3OneAndOnly (7)

How does running the code work?

Coder100 (17420)

i just put it in a diff repl that executes the code in a 'vm' @Th3OneAndOnly

Whippingdot (604)

bRuH tis is a coder100 project how no trading!!!!

LuckyOreos (201)

This is probs like your only post which has only 13 upvotes!

lolguineapig (20)

its not possible to code html in Whaleboat right?

maxina (46)

Nice! You should use electron to turn this into a desktop application!

Coder100 (17420)

Also, I will :) @maxina

codealt1 (3)

Ok let me just say that monaco is easy to use if you are not gonna make multi-files and you can just implement the languages easy peasy. (plus, the "beautiful dark theme" is just monaco's "vs-dark")

Coder100 (17420)

sorry i don't speak stupid can you translate @codealt1