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IOS Online - Functional with one working app
Muhammad_SJC (150)

The template for this project was provided from @rafrafraf On his "Remaking IOS from scratch" post. This is not affiliated with Apple or any entity that links itself to IOS, Iphone X, and any other products owned by Apple.

Basically, I saw @rafrafraf's post on repl and the phone was working, but the apps weren't, so I decided to make the first app: the clock app. The clock app is the only working app because the rest of the apps are in development. Please upvote if you like!

If you want me to add your app in the IOS online, then the maximum dimensions the app can be is: height: 812px and width: 375px. You just make that app in HTML, CSS and JS and give me the code to plug it in.

For a better experience, click this link:

Zoom out of your browser until the Iphone is fully visible, this will help with the experience, as the Iphone X is not repsonsive.

Also, the repl underneath is not right, click the link above to go to the full website.