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PyChat - Easy to use chatroom
ParrotDev (5)

My first post. Wow!

Well, this is PyChat. It is a very simple chatroom that has logins, multiple pages, and saving messages!

How to use
1. Start the script.
2. Type 2 to sign-up
3. Choose a username and password
4. Type 1 for login
5. Type your username and password
6. Chat!


  • This was from a chatroom template by @JBloves27 (sorry for ping, but I wanted to give you credit) and I spiced it up a bit!
  • Don't share your login. Other people can then login as you.
  • If you want semi-fullscreen, click here

Future Updates

  • More colors!
  • Better look


  • JBloves27 for template
  • @Thecrowbar1234 for his post on Python colors (again, sorry for ping but I wanted to give you credit plus it helped a lot)

Good luck, and happy chatting :)

JBloves27 (1756)

Nicee! Np, thanks for mention!

Whippingdot (604)

haven't tried it but from the txt file I think it is good

VishnuKappagant (1)

how does dis work? LUL

ParrotDev (5)

@VishnuKappagant When it asks it for your message it writes it to a .txt file then prints it along with all the other messages.