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The Frionx Programming Language (Interpreted Programming Language)
frionx (51)


After watching some tutorials and going over some documentation I managed to make a programming language.

What do I do?

I have explained everything in the "main.frnx" file
this language is basically a mix between javascript, lua and python

Thats all for now!


I won't stop working on frionx forum infact I'll work on it today

ch1ck3n (1715)

fainally a tru language

frionx (51)

@ch1ck3n yes, lexed, parsed and tokenized

Coder100 (17421)

CookeyLang better

it's just the truth

This post was made by the CookeyLang Gang

realTronsi (919)

@Coder100 says the one who makes an interpreted language out of an interpreted language and calls it fast

Redhawk405 (25)

You night be right, but give the guy a chance.

Just saying.

RahulChoubey1 (148)

Frionx: :)
Me: why my effort go down the sinkhole

Whippingdot (604)

Cool, can't upvote cause i wun't use it but cool

zplusfour (898)

bruh can you format your code

noway15 (90)

wdym @Coder100 Python is a great language

Coder100 (17421)
  • slow
  • syntax is bad
  • errors are bad
  • names are bad
DarkswordsmanJG (44)

@Coder100 you just offended many people

Coder100 (17421)

i know i did
but i'm sure even more don't care @DarkswordsmanJG

DarkswordsmanJG (44)

yes they probably don't care but, it's a great programing language to get used to coding @Coder100

Coder100 (17421)

not really you could use rust or C/C++ or even go to accomplish the same thing and still be happy (or happier than using py) @DarkswordsmanJG

Coder100 (17421)

brainwash my occur in these convos smh @programmeruser

Whippingdot (604)

Python is good for being a starting language but people get too attached to it which i hate @Coder100

Whippingdot (604)

But it is true, 'ew python' @frionx

Coder100 (17421)

python is not a good beginner language
all it teaches you is how to have bad practice. Is that something you like?

The best starting language is obviously C#. Safe, predictable, typed, and more! @Whippingdot

Redhawk405 (25)

"Its not a good beginner language."
I taught MYSELF Python in a couple of months from the standard tutorial.

class critic_:
    def selfdestruct(who);
         del who

def silencethecritic():
     critic = critic_ = 'Coder100'
     critic.doesntknowwhathestalkingabout = True
     print('Bye Bye.')

Yeah, the above code doesn't ACTUALLY work, but it's right on the money.

Plus, it's clear he worked hard on his post. At least give him THAT.

frionx (51)

@Redhawk405 I didn't take any offense from @Coder100's comment. He was joking around, we're friends.

Whippingdot (604)

Bruh Coder100 never said he didn't like the language, he just said he doesn't like Python @Redhawk405

Whippingdot (604)

Ya also coder100 didn't even say ur language was bad he said python was. @frionx

Whippingdot (604)

I don't know...maybe. I was taught Python first. I guess it might not be the best language to start off coding with. @Coder100

doineednumbers (26)


  • It was never meant to be fast
  • Whitespace? It's annoying, sure, but I would take it.
  • WDYM? It seems to be easy to debug to me
    I like Python not for projects, but for algorithms, math, experiments, etc. It is really good at doing certain things.
RahulChoubey1 (148)

@Coder100 "Python bad" and "JS bad"
Why is it one or the other? They're both great!

Coder100 (17421)

now i must disagree with u
both sucks ts best @RahulChoubey1

RahulChoubey1 (148)

@Coder100 TS is glorified JS. It's better, but is it compatible with Node? I doubt so

adilskillz (5)

Me: you can't just offend people and bother them
Coder100: Bothering go BRRRR

adilskillz (5)

@Coder100 haha did you check dani's new video