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Cannonz - Game
littlewhinging (17)

A smol game thingy I made on Khan Academy.

Dunce (58)

wow, that's awesome!

JacobMcPherson1 (207)

wow, that's pretty cool, keep up the good work! (its also like 20 times better than anything I've made)

CoderBoi978 (0)

This is awesome! One small suggestion: Make the old cannon more expensive (maybe 150 or something) because if you get it you can basically get everything else in an instant.

Nanowrimoijk (60)

it's cool, but once I was in the shop I couldn't get out, plus every time you say let in the text it says var lol

lolguineapig (20)

@Nanowrimoijk did u click space? also if u did, u might have to click inside the box before you can click space to exit

littlewhinging (17)

@Nanowrimoijk Press space to get out of the shop! I'm using ES5 syntax here with Processing >.<

pythonorguser (12)

THe railgun doesn't work

lolguineapig (20)

@pythonorguser Nothing happens when you use the railgun
I agree with u i spent so much money on it and then i had to reload. i lostmy progress :(