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A cool blog chat client
Codemonkey51 (1050)


Who is this random person with 900+ cycles?

I am [REDACTED], aka Codemonkey51. I have not been active on repl talk for a while, for many reasons i wont go into here.

The actual post:

Some of you may know that repl's official blog was accidentally turned into a chat app a few days ago (read more on that here)

If you have read that blog post, and seen amasads twitter you might have noticed me in that chat quite a bit >:D. That is for a couple of reasons:

  1. I an insane
  2. I was develping clients, my latest one is the one im posting
  3. I was just randomly on, not 24/7 lmao

So here i am, shaing my client. Its features include:

  • Emojis (same emoji code as github)
  • Input and output in the same terminal
  • Hidden json messaging layer
  • Auto url escapes messages (so you can use special characters)

enjoy the client!

@amasad - here is yo ping

Post Script: If you guys are intrested on how I made this client I can make a post about it*

Post Post Script: I may post more often, but not as much as I used to


I will make post on how I made the client and describe the code but I will probably do that on my

Bookie0 (6126)


Have said 'hi'.

And I declare this a PPP (Pretty Pog Project) ;)

ch1ck3n (1715)

finally you released it

Whippingdot (604)


CyberHacker101 (117)

I guess you have to beat the master to become the master @Whippingdot

BobTheTomatoPie (3368)

someone found out how to change their username and they impersonated Amasad and then made him do terrible things, this should be fixed, cause poor amasad shouldn't have to deal with this

Codemonkey51 (1050)

Oh :( @BobTheTomatoPie I can't really do anything, bc usernames can always be spoofed sad

BobTheTomatoPie (3368)

oh thats alright, i love the project tho, and im very interested in a post explaining the client! :D @Codemonkey51

Codemonkey51 (1050)

By popular request I will do so @BobTheTomatoPie

Whippingdot (604)

y u bully amasad u **** person @BobTheTomatoPie

BobTheTomatoPie (3368)

ik we must find whoever did it @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (604)

i think ur comments are right and i want to upvote them but then that will look bad so sorry no cycle for you @BobTheTomatoPie

AeneidVI (11)

If you guys are intrested on how I made this client I can make a post about it

I'm interested in that post! :D

Codemonkey51 (1050)

I am going to do that stay tuned @AeneidVI

Jeydin21 (106)

Why does it spam GET / lmao

cole525 (3)

GET is being spammed even more

Codeverse (157)

First of all, PPP. Second of all, it is amazing, but..... oh sorry there is no but, just AMAZING! I have never tried to use the terminal as a blog, great job @Codemonkey51! I probably am not that skilled.

matheusAMDS (1)


RayhanADev (2052)

LMAO XD this is hilariously good xD! GG @Codemonkey51




yeah, @zplusfour, I was confused, but i thought, did whippingdot help codemonkey in making this?

zplusfour (898)

@Hacky no i dont think so
If yes, codemonkey should mention and gave credit for him


yeah ur right, @zplusfour

Whippingdot (604)

@zplusfour & @Hacky Codemonkey is moi friend, can't i be happy that someone likes his proj? You guys are soo mean 😭😭


LOL i don't kno that, @Whippingdot, sorry

Whippingdot (604)


zplusfour (898)

@Whippingdot but why you said thanks?
You didn't make it

Whippingdot (604)

So i said thnx for saying my friend's program is good @zplusfour

alanchen12 (28)

thank, this is a good idea since i maybe accidently spammed it and got ratelimited by cloudflare

Whippingdot (604)

@Codemonkey what did you do it crashed

jk sorry btw we were having a nice convo and i ruined it
We can continue next time, really sorry! Hope you join the repl tomorrow too or you join now if you are still awake. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY

Codemonkey51 (1050)

I'm trying to join right now ._. @Whippingdot

Sleek (12)

the logs have died sadly because someone has been spamming GET /

edit: pog codemonkey has 1000 cycles now

killergriffn (1)

i hate the dude get spamming us

xXToluwaXx (21)

so u know the avocado code can u make it that u can see the chat while you're able to chat

Codemonkey51 (1050)

I'm working on a fork with some other people adding that feature :D @xXToluwaXx

xXToluwaXx (21)

@Codemonkey51 theres something wrong with the chat it keeps on saying GET / and it really annoying can you please find the source of this problem

Codemonkey51 (1050)

That is becuase this uses the blog's http logs so that is ppl viewing , maybe I can filter that out somehow @xXToluwaXx

JDOG787 (435)

Cool! I didnt read that post until now lol. But i want to make my own client now! It's really cool when things like this happen.

Redhawk405 (25)

PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you did this!

Pizzaz4me (63)

is there only bots that you chat with?

Pizzaz4me (63)

even if there are, this is pretty cool @Codemonkey51



peternielsen112 (41)

Could you make this a gui/

I'm sorry, little one.
alanchen12 (28)

Me who is making a bot for this: buh.

cgonegood (0)

What am I watching?

Whippingdot (604)

Y wud he tell u that is bad @cole525

Whippingdot (604)

I know 🤦‍♀️ I was saying earlier, like 4 days ago, when Codemonkey told me about the project I didn't understand but now i do @cole525

cole525 (3)

@Whippingdot you have to fork dont you