Defend the kingdom

This is a story where you defend the kingdom

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poorly formatted stdout but very funny story:
What is the name of the main character of this story?
What is the name of the main character's friend?
What is the name of the enemy whom your main character must defeat?
What weapon will you wield on your quest?
Where does this story take place?

You awaken in a dark cave. Your friend null sits beside you.
null: You're finally awake! You missed it, null. The Evil Wizard null has taken over the kingdom!
You grab your SAR21 and exit the cave. What you see upon exiting the cave shocks you.
You exit the cave and find yourself in the kindgdom of Singapore where the evil nullis sitting on a throne.

Put 'a' to attack 'b' to run away:
you attack null but he blocks, you almost give up when your friend, null comes up and stabs the evil null with a dagger you both cheer for the good news!


Thanks! I will try to improve the format @thenullified