🐍😎 Python Chat! 🐍😎

🐍😎 A fully functional Python Chat! 🐍😎

Made by moi


This is a chatting program, used with filing (a bad technique, but I only knew this way for console python). You can chat, but you have to reload the page every few minutes for the messages to load.


The code is actually pretty simple, it uses file opening, and file writing, etc. I added colors, just to make it more fun ^_^


Credits to @DominicHuieWhit for the datetime! :) Also to @tickedoffsquid for making a suggestion!


I hope you guys enjoy using this program! IF you haven't already, visit this for more info! Thanks!

NOTE: Please don't ask for editing access, it annoys me and you can just fork it. Thanks!

( o_o)

Update1: I added a automatic time! yay! It's less complicated!

Update2: I added colors and a different login system, and you cant hack >:)

Update3: The quit is fixed! I added a menu, so you can choose if its a message or not!

Update4: I added a more easy and fixed automatic time!

Edit1: Visit here for more about the timezones!

Edit2: Heyo guys! Thanks for making this to trending! :D

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