RECIPE GENERATOR (ew) Press Space challenge entry
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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a suteavifu or something else? Here you can find completely legitimate recipes that will yield the expected results! (side note: don't actually try to eat these, because they are probably dangerously gross due to the randomization)

Hi guys! This is my first challenge entry!

It was tested on my mac but the artificial spacebar should work fine to tap on mobile devices that support js, and on windows and linux systems as well :D

Thanks all,

Grify is not responsible for the actions of anyone following these recipes, as they will likely lead to problematic (or in the very least, unvaforable) results. Cook at your own risk!

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jajoosam (875)


plz put a disclaimer which says you're not responsible for the food cooked lol!

Grify (169)

@jajoosam Will do :D thanks for the upvote!

Grify (169)

@jajoosam Heyo! I'm a big fan! I failed to connect the dots until now /: Can I have the url or source for the pressspacechallenge TV display?