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h3xed (95)

🔴| Survive and Attack! Increase your specs by killing enemies and enemy bases! | ASSAULT MAN | A top down shooter | Made in Javascript |🔴

I'll take any sort of feedback - good or bad. Just be sure to reccomend what I could do to satisfy your needs. :)
To do:

Enemy Counter
Enemy Health Bars
Regenerative Bases

The game:

h3xed (95)

@argthe1st Thanks! I hope this get a bit more attention. I've been working on it for so long.

themaka (188)

It might be cool to have an enemy counter -- I've killed all the big enemies, but there could be small ones hiding out there ...

h3xed (95)

@themaka They are generated all the time...

epicman702 (506)

How did u do it...


Fun game, but I think there is a couple things missing:
1. A dash kind of function (optional I guess but it wouldn't hurt.)
2. A rewards function, you need to give me a reason to keep going, kill count is really not enough.
3. The ability of getting better guns would add a huge upgrade to the game's fun play style

Overall it is a great, fun game, I like it a lot!

h3xed (95)

@RogueKing What kind of rewards? For better guns, I would have to change 70% of the code I have now.


@h3xed Probably a level system where wither your hp goes up or your speed. The enemies hp could also go up.

and as far as the guns... oof.

ethanheys (41)

can you add enemy health bars

CalsonLee (9)

This deserves way more upvotes.

NateTanner (2)

I played till the end.

It was great!

I would love if perhaps whenever a keybind is pressed, a little minion - much like the other ones - releases from the player and attacks. Like a decoy I suppose.

h3xed (95)

@NateTanner Hmmm... Not a bad idea.

TreyvanMcDonald (5)

This is a great game! I love it, keep up the good work!

h3xed (95)

@TreyvanMcDonald :) Could you do me favor and tell your freinds about this? I feel like my game could have alot more upvotes if people actually saw it. You don't have too.

TreyvanMcDonald (5)

@h3xed I will, the funny thing is, I actually found this game because one of my friends told me about it. I will definitely try and get as many people as possible to upvote this.

AdamChen3 (2)

put a mini map in the corner but otherwise suprisingly fun.

h3xed (95)

@AdamChen3 I already did...Thanks!

mkhoi (299)

These kind of games are fun, like taking on bases and get powerups,...

Brandaboss (89)

I beat the game.

h3xed (95)

@Brandaboss Amazing! How long did it take you?

NateTanner (2)

@h3xed I beat the game as well. About 20 minutes for me.


@NateTanner Lol. :D

duck132912 (212)

how do you make the camera scroll like that?



brogen (17)


Lolanator365 (12)

@h3xed i won
pls add a bigger map

BilalMuakkit (0)

You are so hecking c00l! Coding is fun! Haha!

Bishman_K (3)

thanks for ur reply

CullenDAvello (18)

@argthe1st holy cow! this game is amazing, i must've played it at least four times over again it reminds me of my Enter the Gungeon days. really well done especially as i am working on a game quite similar to this.

AkhilGupta (16)

Great game. Completed it. Too sad there was no reward at the end, maybe give us some cake? lol..

Anyway, I discovered one bug-like thing. Sometimes the bosses spawn so close to the edge of the game world, that some of their lackeys (those smaller brown mini-bosses) are out of screen. Though I managed to kill them off as well! 😊

Overall, great game, one of the least buggy, fun and complete that I have played till now!

SaltyLizard96 (1)

This game is the best!

kamalhasan (5)

its hard
check out mine
its called tic tac toe with bots

camium (0)

Fun game, really cool style. I feel that adding an objective could make it more worth while

h3xed (95)

@camium What kind of objective?

tristanbeedell (47)

Super cool game. The particle physics is cool, It is very intuitive. I like the way it looks and plays, and enjoyed it. It also seemed very stable. But you don't know how disappointed i was after i defeated the whole map and had nothing left to do... ... perhaps if more clusters developed over time, or if they gradually came back stronger after being defeated? I also feel that it needs more feedback when you or an enemy takes damage, this means a health bar, or a change in colour. Perhaps the enemies should explode.

h3xed (95)

@tristanbeedell Mabye an enemy health bar... I can try making the enemies explode. Thanks :)