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Flappy bird AI via genetic programming
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Learn to Play Flappy Bird using Cartesian Genetic Programming (Evolutionary Computation) and Compete with AI

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I designed a novel AI using an evolutionary algorithm called Cartesian Genetic Programming to learn to play the popular flappy bird. In most cases, it takes less than 50 generations to yield a good AI. If you feel boring to watch the birds learn, you can compete with the current AI anytime by adding a human player. For more instructions, please check README. The underlying theory is also explained in the associated GitHub repository.

Shortcut keys

  • CTRL+H: add a human player (a blue bird) at any time

  • SPACE or UP ARROW: flap the human player's bird

  • CTRL+P: pause/continue game

  • CTRL+K: switch ON/OFF sound effect ( doesn't support sounds yet)

    If you want to accelerate the evolution process, you can speed up the game by

  • CTRL+1: speed x1

  • CTRL+2: speed x2

  • CTRL+3: speed x3

See if you can do better than an infant AI!

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on gen2 there was a bird that got 4620 how