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Get your website indexed by my search engine before released

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I am making a new search engine, and would like to index a lot of websites before release, I ran out of ideas so I am asking for all the best repls to index.
Comment your website and I will have it indexed. I did not want to go ahead and share the search engine, so I used a blank repl.

Please upvote if you would like more people to get a chance to get theirs indexed!

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ok, a looked at your code and i have some remarques:

  • first coping my 3D flappy bird html and css code wasn't a great start because it's full of bugs that i learned about Later...(that's why some materials and lights doesn't work...)
  • second you better use classes that will make work a lot easier for you
  • i fork it and i fixed those things and i'm going to send the working version right now...