Play GTA 5 in text

Play GTA 5 in text

Version 1

Hey everyone.

After a lot of trials, 950+ lines, I finally like to introduce my new game called GTA 5 (in text).
Basically, this is like playing GTA 5 in text.

This game has 5 places over the map. obviosly real GTA will have more... And all the places are tested without any errors.

How to play:-

  1. Choose from the map.
  2. Every wrong input may lead back to the map.
  3. Every move that you take will decrease 5 health.
  4. More information about the places will be given after you choose the place.
  5. Make a smart choice when you are under an arrest.
  6. You can check your money, health, inventory from Profile Check.

Any errors, bugs, typos, feedbacks are most welcome in the comments.
Also, don't mind my silly code, lol

Not everything you will get in places isn't the same every time. It may be different for the second choose (I mean all the things that you choose are random for every place).

A hack:- Withdraw 100 dollars 6 times, go buy a powerful weapon, rob the bank till it reaches $2000+, buy a bed from the hospital for $2000, rent it, and you will have everything on the inventory list, and have fun. (don't forget to increase your health in between)...

The code is very simple, you can follow around so easily if you are a beginner and curious to understand the code that I wrote.

P.S:- This is just Version 1 with only 5 places. I will try to publish Version 2 with 10 places and more stuff. Watch out for that-

With that said,
Have fun,

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