3D Shooter Game Built Off of JSer's Version

Back in March 2019, I was looking through Repl.It just checking the Share tab out, and I found something created by @JSer which was a simple multiplayer 3D shooter game. It was really cool how much of the math and the physics he created.

So being me in 2019 I stole his idea.

I fixed it up, created new colors, and then did nothing with it for a year. In March 2020, I was deleting old repls because I need space lmao and I don't have hacker rank and I found it again. I decided to keep with it and create other types of blocks and created a better version of JSer's game.

Here is a fixed version of JSer's game with new types of blocks, color, and a sun.

All credit goes to @JSer for creating this. Thanks dude

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