Piero.css - My personalized version of Water.css

About 2 weeks ago, I started making some changes to Water.css, such as the font, colors, and also adding some animations. For one, I do not recommend using the framework in anything that uses forms. There is still quite a bit I have to do on it, which will be released in Piero.css 2.0, which is being built from the ground up to solve any issues which plagued Piero.css 1.0. pLeAsE gIve mE cYClEs...anyways, you can link stylesheets to css.piemadd.com/dist/dark.min.css, css.piemadd.com/dist/light.min.css, or css.piemadd.com/dist/(any of the style sets from water.css)

Source code can be found here.

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nice stylesheet


@Kognise i hate you