Hidden Replit Languages OWO

As some of you may know, there are hidden languages in Repl.it! I decided to make a mini-website to give a reference to them, so here you are!

Every Single Language In Repl.it

There are 145 Languages!

For those who need Web Assembly, Pure Javascript, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Express, and a whole lot more this is the place to look! There are a ton of languages (not to mention new BETAS! for languages) so check them out!

New Taking Community Languages!!!

Just comment below with a link to a forkable copy of your language and I’ll add it to the website!

Questions or Comments?

Tell me below! Let’s play a game, in the comments below say a language on Repl.it, but don’t repeat!

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nice, and


Programming Langages?! wow!

also php isn't hidden its literally right here:



@ridark i just used the languages variable hidden in Repl.it xD. Everything except community languages near the bottom was written by the Repl.it team and I just templated it.


@ridark also you seem to have 2 TKINTER parts for whatever reason. that say the same thing:



Python's standard GUI tooklit
Create a Repl in TKINTER?


@ridark yep read my response to your comment above!