This is inspired from @DynamicSquid 's amazing project, pixel art creator. Y'all better make sure to upvote it.

This program is a painter. Not pixel art though. It draws circles. You use a JColorChooser to choose a Color then you can draw. Additionally, you can change the size of the circle. The text box on the left is the x size of the circle and the one on the right is the y size of the circle. ON the right of the screen, there is a clear button which you can use to clear the screen.

Here is what you can make(Ignore my trash art skills)

The legend himself(or herself)

@Bookie0 - I am sorry for making yours really bad. Yours is really hard but cool

@CodingCactus - Yes. The greatest cactus

@HahaYes - A skipped a bunch of details - sorry

@Highwayman - Yours was really hard to draw but it was really cool as well. I love the dark colors

@PDanielY - It looks like something out of a horror movie so it is good

@PYer - python's python?

@SixBeeps - Some japanese I think

and my favorite:


Just like @DynamicSquid 's Polar bear in Antarctica. A true masterpiece.

@potatojs - yes potato. I remeber in 5th grade, Me and my friends created something called the potato clan. It was cringey

@Codemonkey51 - Yes yours was my favorite to draw

I hope you will enjoy this program. If it does not work, try using it on your desktop(If it can run java).

Thank you!

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nah its fine I kinda figured out how to do it without half of it being cut out thx tho I tried to remake your anime logo its so bad lol