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musiPix - Create music from images!
Snowflake (50)


create music from images

Ever wanted to make your own song but don't know how? Well, now you can... kinda.
Using musiPix you can turn every image you have on your hard drive into something beautiful!

Just upload your image and click the Play button like shown below.

Creating music manually

If you want to manually create music by drawing pixels onto an image, you need to know 3 things about RGB values (aka colors):

  • Red values are represented as frequency in hertz (with 0 being the lowest and 255 being the highest)
  • Green values are represented as volume
  • Blue values are represented as duration in miliseconds

To get an exact color value for the frequency/volume/duration that you want to achieve, use the following expression: (x * 255) / y where x is the value that you want to achieve and y is the maximum possible amount of that value.
For example: if I want the duration to be 500 ms I would do (500 * 255) / 2000 and that will result in 63.75 and I need to round that to 64 and that would be the blue color value for that pixel.

You can also adjust the maximum value for everything by clicking on the Settings button after uploading an image.

Examples are available at or by clicking the Examples button on the toolbar.

Libraries used:

Have fun experimenting!

GaelDibiase (0)

this is pretty cool might use it and play around

GaelDibiase (0)

no way this is kinda poggers

Logimite (188)


djmappouras (0)

wow broo!! this thing really works! great job!

HackermonDev (2020)

Cool, I am learning node.js and javascript and I am very inspired by your work!

lsambrook (287)

This very cool and original! How did you get that idea lol, thats not common ;-)

Snowflake (50)

@lsambrook Thanks! My first idea was actually to create something like a "network" where users can create their own music and share it using a keyboard piano, but in my opinion it was a bit too hard to create. So I was thinking and I read some posts about neural networks and thought to myself "Instead of giving users the ability to create their own music, why not make something that will generate music on it's own?" and that's basically how I got the idea for this.