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multi-player shooter game owo
CursorsDev (729)

mobile support added

yay congrats to me and everyone who has supported me cuz thanks to you i have made my first multi-player game with express and!

make sure to check out this repl because it was an excellent example.

in this little shooter game you're a little ball with a gun and you shoot cyan balls.

use WASD to move and your mouse to shoot

when you are lighter than your original color you have reloaded and are ready to fire.

the number on you indicates your kills

more things added:

the more kills you have the more bullets you fire, so little 'upgrades' that might be op and i might nerf it

the more bullets you fire the slower you reload (cuz it makes sinse and its more balansed)

Added usernames! wooooooo \o/

added custom colors yay 🎉

added simple chat (press Enter)

thanx @KarmaIsKrazy once again for the amazing favicon! \o/

im making mobile support now

mobile support is here! (the controls might be a little weird tho)

BaconErie (6)

Do you know what happens when your repl server goes into the sleep state?

angrydoge (481)

Hey @pepelaugh you said u were making a bot for this, could I see it?

badst (240)

@dabombdgdzjr nope cause repl doesn't support libraries that control your keyboard or read your screen, you'd need a windows pc.

angrydoge (481)

Lol. I thought it was moving tho. @pepelaugh

badst (240)

@dabombdgdzjr wdym? I'm running it on a windows pc not repl.

angrydoge (481)

@pepelaugh idk u were probably controlling it. U can use python webbot but its laggy af on

badst (240)

@dabombdgdzjr idk what you mean. Python can run on IDE's other than repl. Im running it on my windows pc, not on repl.

angrydoge (481)

@pepelaugh ok lol also I know this, I have linux for goodness sake

badst (240)

well built and I appreciate you did the vector calculations by yourself ;)

Interlink (23)

i have attempted to crash this in a forked repl and it has not worked. i have made the player be able to hold space and shoot with max upgrades and no cooldown with like super speed and it still hasnt crashed AAAAAAA

Interlink (23)

is the server down?

CursorsDev (729)

owo when the server is down usually it means im tweaking the game

Eric2008 (5)

It says I need to handle http traffic in order to play this game:(

angrydoge (481)

its down :((

JasonLiu19 (71)

Well it got lagged

adsarebbbad (215)

you should improve this, i opened like 100 tabs of this and it slowed it down by a lot

CursorsDev (729)

oh that was you? get banned >:)

anyways i have implemented a way to kick users for inactivity since then

AeneidVI (11)

Chaotic and wonderful.

KarmaIsKrazy (19)

Heres another icon for you

DavidHilsee (3)

mama mia its a me mario

cowboyyall10 (8)

when you whoot multiple bullets, 1-3 of them kinda fall back a bit. fix? plz?

CursorsDev (729)

idk how to fix that

cowboyyall10 (8)

@CursorsDev wanna zoom? we can try to do it together.

Eric2008 (5)

@CursorsDev maybe cause you didnt do that

cowboyyall10 (8)

@CursorsDev cmon. lets do it together.

cowboyyall10 (8)

there should be a limit like, 20 or so because that would be too OP

CursorsDev (729)

there is a limit, at 250 kills you wont gain anymore bulletz

CursorsDev (729)

why are people still playing my game

angrydoge (481)

Its good. also the servers down :(( @CursorsDev

RaedenTan (2)

What is the max number of bullets?

06rha1504 (2)

@RaedenTan I've got up to 9, I don't think there's a max based on the code

RaedenTan (2)

@06rha1504 I've got up to 11 so I think it increases by 2 when you reach a certain level.

KobeFF (1272)

Wow i was on a roll until it crashed :(

88 score tho :)

lilpeen (222)

I am planning on making my own multiplayer game and have a question;
are you handling user input client-side or server-side? When a player presses "W" for example, is it processed on their computer, or is it sent to the server for processing?

Whippingdot (680)

The game is broken, if I shoot a bullet it goes through the wall and comes out the other side.