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UPDATE: Everyday moop will be getting 1-3 commands!

Moop is an all purpose discord bot which has some simple utility and mod functions and a lot more fun commands. In total moop has around 76 commands and we are planning on adding much more(we would have had much more by this time but there was some fileswap bug we had to deal with. Our files would randomly swap with each other and our code would be messed up).

This discord bot was a collab between me(@IEATPYTHON) (Hardit S on discord) and (@ThatSmart) (JackFly26 on discord) and was written in JS using discord.js.

moops prefix is m!

Here are some uses of moop!

Utility and Moderation

In this category we have some basic mod stuff to help you with your server.


Using the m!kick command will kick a user from the server.


Using the m!ban command will ban a user from the server. You must have admin to use this command. obviously


Using the m!mute command will mute a user from the server.


If the role already exists you can use m!addrole @<username> <role>.

Also in this category we have made a spam filter and a swear filter to make sure the server stays clean.


This command is usable by anyone on this server. By doing m!report @user <reason> the bot will send a report in the reports channel!
The time is also listed so that a mod or an admin can go back and check when and where the problem occured.

Utility wise the bot can tell you your ping with m!ping. Pretty simple. m!botinfo gives you info about the bot and m!serverinfo gives you info about the server! Also the bot can flip a coin and roll die for you. Moop has a built in 8ball and that is a utility we need in our daily lives. Finally the bot an also count in the counting room from one number to another.

These are the main moderation and utility features of moop. Now let's talk about the main reason we actually made moop. It was for all the fun commands. These commands will bring life and excitement to your server!

We have one official game and that is Hangman and this game is very simple to play. To start the game just type m!guess <a random letter you want to guess>.

Pictures and Gifs

This includes images of cuuute cats, dogs, birds, pandas, and foxes and with the m!satgif command you can get yourself a satisfying gif!

Facts, quotes, etc.

Get facts about cats, dogs and other animals. Moop also can give you some advice and an inspiring quote. It can make you cringe with its horrible geek jokes and chuck norris jokes. Moop can give you cool facts about numbers and can also insult you. There are many more functionalities of moop that fit in this category do m!help to see them all.

Questions/Would you rather

Moop can give you a challenging trivia question and can also make you think with a challenging would you rather question!


This gets its own category because hugs are just so great! Who does not want a hug?

Emoji Drawings

Ahh yes this is another amazing category and there are so many commands which fit in this category. Here are 2 examples of emoji drawings.

This discord bot has a bunch of these emoji drawings with different meanings. You can even gift cakes with moop.

Or wish people goodnight with moop.

Or send a love message to someone on the server.

What is more effective?
For sure the emojis.

In general emoji drawings really add emotion to your messages

Love Test

I had to give this its own section because it is just amazing. You wanna how much you bond with someone else in the server then this command is for you.


You can insult you friends with the m!insult command!

These are the main commands of moop and everyday more commands will be added! If you liked this bot please upvote this post! Also if you want to learn more about the bot use m!help

More UPDATE: we have 3 new awesome commands + more emoji drawings and emoticons


This command will give you a custom ascii! Based on your input!


Make a cow say what you want with the m!cowsay command. Here is an example.


This command at this moment will simulate a game of blackjack! Here is an example image of a simulated game!

In the near future we will make it so the user can play against the dealer/computer

Video of moop in action:

Invite Link: