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minecraft end portal finder
Nettakrim (682)

tool to help find end portals with 1-2 ender pearls
get somewhere high up, throw an eye of ender and line up the green vertical line on the crosshair with the slit on the eye
record the values labeled X,Z and A

then move perpendicular to the angle around 100 blocks away from the original position (further the better)

run the program
input the values into the program for location 1 and 2

the output will be two numbers corresponding to the X and Z of the stronghold, so travel there and get digging!

the more accurate you are the better, do as many decimal places as possible, and make sure the angle is correct, on average ive been around 15 blocks off from the /locate location

DISCLAIMER: it will not lead to the actual portal, only the structure, this is because eyes themselves are inaccurate
also make sure the eyes somewhat line up, if they track to different strongholds it wont work

SilentShadowBla (550)

damn, this is cool! Upvoted

xBlaziken (13)

Ok this is insane

mesquite2234 (278)

It's cool, but I am not going to upvote because it has 69 upvotes

AmazingMech2418 (1043)

Nice system of equations for triangulation!

JacksonPhilips (66)

Insane! You have my vote on this one 👊

AlexanderTarn (280)

Can't you just create a copy of the world in creative and find the end portal there??? seems easier.

Nettakrim (682)

@AlexanderTarn to do that you would need to either a) own the world or b) know the seed
if you know the seed you can just use a seed viewer to find it and if you own the world then you can do it manually, if it is on an unknown seed server then it is easier

MaxCosta (9)

@Nettakrim Actually, you can "copy" the world seed and all. (minus what you edited in it) ~but nonetheless, great project!~