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microSQL - Simple ever SQL DB (under 200 lines)
pavi2410 (36)

Unbelievably, I hacked this up in just 2.5 hours!

  microSQL is a simple ever SQL DB.

  Supported SQL Syntax:
    select cols, ... from table_name [where ...]
    insert into table_name (cols, ...) values (v, ...)
    delete from table_name [where ...]
    create table table_name (cols, ...)
    drop table table_name

  Available commands:
    .showdb      Prints the DB
    .help        Prints this help menu and exits
    .exit        Exits the REPL

pavi2410 (36)

@amasad i knew that you'd reply :D

ch1ck3n (2088)

@amasad i didnt know the ceo look at his own website

amasad (3455)

@ch1ck3n I see all your programs tbh

ch1ck3n (2088)

@amasad cool
oh yeah what was the problem in the website
I need to know

Bunnytoes (158)

what do you mean hack?

Bunnytoes (158)

@pavi2410 thanks for the definition link

Bunnytoes (158)

@amasad not much. I have a quick question: how long did it take to make replit, it's a really cool website

amasad (3455)

@Bunnytoes The first version took a year but we keep updating and been working on it fulltime for 5 years now. So a lot of work has gone into it and will continue to

pavi2410 (36)

#AMA #PlsContribute #BeginnerFriendly #ThisIsNotAToyProject