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meme webpage - week 2 challenge
LegendaryWolf (619)

Hello, this is my take on the meme webpage challenge from
@TimothyRowell it is 18, march

I added a lot of css to make it look good :)
hope ya laughed

TimothyRowell (72)

DUDE that's Nice! you might be first.

LegendaryWolf (619)

What does the winner get? 10 free cycles?

LegendaryWolf (619)

Good thing is that i added favicon

InvisibleOne (2675)

I'm probably not going to be able to compete in this one cause I'm going on a trip leaving today. But ping me on the third one! @TimothyRowell

figglediggle (137)

bro stop posting cringe

IntellectualGuy (657)

Yo don't copy I've seen someone else post this.

JBloves27 (1696)

uh, from @angrydoge, i think you used that @LegendaryWolf

IMayBeMe (333)

@IntellectualGuy yeah I’m pretty sure I saw the same thing for a project about repl news

LegendaryWolf (619)

I edited it some css! I just used the marquee styling from @angrydoge

angrydoge (474)

Also I learned when Coder100 yelled at me about it that <marquee> is deprecated HTML @LegendaryWolf

Th3Coder (66)



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