Simple Dice, but with graphics!
Muffinlavania (1527)

Welcome to Dice Simulator

This is just something that i worked on for a bit, kinda like my Survival game, but its simple.
It's just a dice!
Hit q to roll the dice!(Click into the turtle screen first) You should keep the two windows (Module and turtle screen) open at the same time, so i would drag the module screen so it completely covers the code!

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DungeonMaster00 (189)

make the whole set (d4, d8, d10, d12, d20)

Muffinlavania (1527)

@DungeonMaster00 NO PLEASE geez imagine making 20 graphics from python with turtles... i have to make all the dots on each position

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@Muffinlavania we don't have dots on dice for d&d we have numbers

Muffinlavania (1527)

@DungeonMaster00 well i dont play dungeons and dragons

holylemonaple (1)

@Muffinlavania gandit hes right
you read that wrong