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kannibalistic (104)

I know this isn't the place to ask this question but I wanted to take a poll. Do you think lying is right? Under what circumstance should you lie? Please comment below. I value your opinion as much as my life! just kiddin. but sill =)


lying aint right at all, no matter what. facts are facts, no need to cover them up.

kannibalistic (104)

@Aphmeta thanks! for your opinion!


@kannibalistic :D glad to help

InvisibleOne (3224)

Lying is never right. And as much as possible you should be honest, people will trust you better and you'll probably feel better than if you lied a lot.
That being said, I would lie in any life-threatening situation, but most of the time, it's better just to tell the truth.

Coder100 (18915)

this is a great question

is it a lie or not :thonk:

klaxmimb (18)


klaxmimb (18)


kannibalistic (104)

why does the game glitch!

kannibalistic (104)

my point i should you lie?

kannibalistic (104)

do you think its rihgt?

ch1ck3n (2380)

do you think you will ever get to the wonderful place you are in life right now without lying

kannibalistic (104)

btw the real owner is
S2AZHANG,Jovanseetk, +S3ECHUA
im just featuring this game