Repl Talk Stats (with charts) (and also a comment searcher)
mat1 (4381)

Have you ever wondered how many comment upvotes are given out per hour? Maybe you've wondered about the popularity of boards over time? No? Uh, have you wondered who has the most amount of posts or comments on Repl Talk? Still no? Well, I'm here to show you something that you didn't realize you needed, until now.

Repl Talk Charts

I made a program that goes through all of the posts and comments ever made on Repl Talk (except the deleted ones) and puts them in my own MongoDB database for analyzation.



I originally wanted to index Repl Talk in my database purely so I could search comments for moderation purposes, though I realized that was boring. (but I did actually do it,

I wanna interact with the charts

If you want to hover over stuff in the charts or look at one I didn't put here, go to the public MongoDB dashboard.

Add more Charts!

If you want me to add more charts, simply ask in the comments! Unfortunately MongoDB doesn't let me let other people easily make graphs, so that can't be a thing :(


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