My portfolio (complete with a full-scale error reporter) - 500 CYCLES PROJECT (HUGE)
Baconman321 (1061)


Wow, this took a LOOONG time to make.

What is this? It's my portfolio!

I used google fonts instead of the default web-font. I also made the layout so you scroll down to read the tutorial.

Includes interactivity (You can run HTML code!)

Works offline and downloadable as a PWA (and it's phone-friendly)!

It even gets my profile picture and bio!

Made with golang including a site-visit count and a full-scale error reporter (that even stores the errors when offline. It stores it then the next time you get online it sends the data).
Thanks to repl for hosting my wonderful projects. Hope you guys like this because it took a lot of effort to make!

How it works:

It uses an intersection observer to detect when the user is scrolling to a particular part of the page and then starts writing the info.

The error reporter sends data to via collecting errors with window.onerror and sends them back to the service worker where it is stored in a LOG file.

If you are offline it the service worker sends it back to the client to keep. Once you get back online it requests the data and sends it.

I've ran some google audits on it and because of that I worked on performance and got it to load fairly fast.

Why use Golang?

I wanted to get a low TTFB, and I had to use a server because I was going to store site visits and make an error-reporter.

Because of GoLang's speed I was able to get my TTFB to an average of 60-70 milliseconds (wow)!

How did you get those cool scroll animations?

I used the AOS library.

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CyberHacker101 (111)

lol, are you a physics major?

Baconman321 (1061)

@CyberHacker101 No.

I'm a freshman in highshcool.

CyberHacker101 (111)

lol I'm still in middle school @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1061)

@CyberHacker101 oOf I just got out of middle school. I should be in 10th grade tho :(

CyberHacker101 (111)

did you teacher lower you a grade? @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1061)

@CyberHacker101 No I was homeschooled throughs 2nd grade and my mom made me take kindergarten twice. Of course, my birthday is right at the end of the school year which might make things more weird but still, I know bits of college-level education facts.

@FloCal35 You say ur star wars nerd?
Did you know that hypermatter in star wars (warp drive fuel) is based off of tachyonic-like matter? A tachyon is a hypothetical particle (and exotic matter, particles that would break the laws of physics as we know it) that can go faster than the speed of light and goes faster with less mass.

Baconman321 (1061)

@FloCal35 Ok I heard it somewhere about tachyons. huh apparently a lot of fiction uses tachyons... cool!

CyberHacker101 (111)

lol your mom should have made you take kindergarten during pre-k and you do 1st-grade stuff the next grade. basically, you should be doing 11th-grade stuff right now if your mom did this method @Baconman321