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By: Raghav & Lehuy

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CoinAGES is an incremental game where you build a coin-flipping company from the ground up!

This game took us about a month to plan out schematics, create art, and code.
No libraries were used when making the primary gameplay!
This is our first game jam as well!


With the explosion of the coin-flipping industry, many companies have rushed to enter and control the young market.
You, have recently become the CEO of one of these companies, CoinAGES.
CoinAGES is the company that developed a pay-per-flip platform that allows you to get a truly random coin flip from anywhere in the world over the internet.
You entered CoinAGES during its fragile early stages. It is your job to turn your company into an industry leader worldwide. Partner with (or plot against) other companies, market your services, and dominate over the coin-flipping industry!


There are many different elements we have built for this game! This includes,

  • 7 different stages/technology levels
  • 14 unique automatic coin flippers
  • 2 random events
  • 10 different marketing campaigns
  • 6 rival companies
  • A shop with over 25 different items/upgrades
  • Autosaving
  • Keeps making money even if tab is closed

How To Play

There is a tutorial in game that teaches you the basics of the game, but if you need more help use this guide.


Technology Stages
There are 7 stages in the game. Each stage unlocks new automatic flippers and features in the game 
Getting money
In this game, you flip coins to make money. This happens in the "Coin Flipping Facility". You can click the large coin to make money manually or build an automatic coin flipper
Getting Customers
Customers are gained every time you or an automatic coin flipper flips a coin
Manual Coin Flipping
Click the large coin in the Coin Flipping Facility in order to perform a manual coin flip. The amount you make is the number on the coin + any boosts you have. If my coin was a dime and I had a 5¢ boost, I would make 15¢ every time I clicked the coin.
Automatic Coin Flipping
The bottom of the Coin Flipping Facility is where you can purchase automatic coin flippers to flip coins for you. Each flipper will have a different upfront cost, a different amount of money per flip, a different time to flip one coin, and different limits. To increase limits/value you need to upgrade it 
Research and Development
This tab allows you to upgrade the performance of your automatic flippers. You can also research the next stage by buying the black shop item.
Marketing Campaigns
This tab allows you to launch campaigns that temporary or permanently increase the amount you make every time to do a manual coin flip.
Industry Analysis
This tab allows you to view rival companies. You can also offer to acquire other companies as you grow. Your company value is calculated by your Assets(bought automatic flippers) + Paybud balance.
OMG. Why am I losing $$$???
Random events trigger during the game, if your money is going down this means the criminal event has triggered. Click on the purple criminal icon located randomly on the screen to get rid of the criminal. (Explained in the tutorial)


Stages throughout the game are based on values of actual coins. Think of them as levels. Stages change the value of your manual flip value. Stage 1 is 1 cent, Stage 2 is 5 cents, and so on (25, 50, 100, mystery stage??). With every new stage, comes a type of auto-flipper, marketing campaign, shop item, etc.

Note to judges

This game takes a while to complete. I recommended that you play through the entire game to view all the content. Since this is an idle game, you could leave this running in the background as you judge others and come back to it later :p
Thanks :D

Please enjoy and we would love feedback and suggestions.

Comment here or DM us on discord!

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raghavm (94)

@liltaco Ha almost no complaints. JK. Thanks for the feedback! I'll check that out later. How far did you get?