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Minecraft in JavaScript


Minecraft in JavaScript

Update: Removed faulty game loop library, sped up game by 1000%


Up - Space
Down - Left or Right Shift
Horizontal Movement - wasd
Camera Movement - Mouse
Switch Blocks - Number Keys
Place Block - Right Click
Destroy Block - Left Click

If the repl won't load use this URL instead:

2 years ago
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He (tussiez) is using threejs. What text? It goes to another file for the new world generation. The only text I know of is the version display, which shouldn't take up as much power. Actually, putting it in canvas may be worse, since canvas is the element that gets constantly updated. As for the user select, I don't think that would be a good idea to turn it off, in case they want to copy/paste version, but yeah it might be a good idea. As for half slabs, he's working on that. Combining two slabs makes water (for a test he was doing).

2 years ago